Latest update as at

Friday 1st Jan 2021

Closed due to Tier 4 Restrictions until further notice

Updated COVID guidelines as at

Thursday 24th September 2020

New opening Hours are in force - Click Here

On each occasion you visit the Club you must wear a mask and keep it on until you are seated.

Please give your membership number and name and the name of any guest to a member of the bar staff.

This information may be used by the NHS in Test and Trace if required.

Unfortunately Pool and Darts cannot be played.

The furniture has been arranged to comply with social distancing.

Please do not move any tables.

You may have a maximum of 6 seats around a table.

You may no longer order drinks at the bar. It is table service only. Please attract the attention of one of the staff who will take your order and bring you your drinks.

They will also take payment at your table.

Please be patient and do not shout.

Please use contactless payment cards whenever possible.

We will still accept cash.

Empty glasses and bottles will be picked up from your table. Please do not return empties to the bar.

Once you are seated you must remain seated while you are in the Club, except when visiting the toilet or smoking area.

You cannot stand and drink anywhere

inside the Club or in the garden.

The outer and inner toilet doors are wedged open so you do not have to push them open. Please do not close them.

Observe social distancing where possible.

Hand sanitisers are provided in the toilets and placed around the Club. Please use them.

All litter should be placed in the bins provided.

Children must remain seated with their

parents/guardians at all times.

Thank you for your support in these difficult times. By following these guidelines you will help protect and keep safe our staff, members and their guests.



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